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What our Clients Say:

"I just wanted to pass on my high degree of
satisfaction when we received the Macor parts
you made for us. The level of detail is remarkable
and the fit and finish is great! I know these parts
were difficult to make and Technical Products, Inc.
has done a great job. I hope we can do more of
this work in the future."

Best Regards,

An Experienced Machine Shop

Technical Products, Inc. is a ceramics and plastics distributor as well as an experienced machine shop for over 30 years. We are one of the largest Corning Macor® distributors in the world. TPI also has a large Alumina department that offers precision grinding, lapping, laser machining and on site furnaces for all your firing needs. Our attention to customer needs made us a leader in our field. Technical Products, Inc. modern, fully equipped facility allows us to meet the demands of our constantly changing industry. Quality and competitive pricing are guaranteed.


Our in house materials inventory stock is plentiful with a variety of Ceramics & Plastics.

Alumina Oxide 96% to 99.97%
Alumina Silicate (Grade A Lava)
Boron Nitride (All Types)
G-10 & G-11
Glass Bonded Mica
Glass Filled Ryton®
Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic®
Silicon Nitride

Get Started:

Material Selection - Technical Products, Inc. has knowledge to direct you to the most effective and appropriate material for your specific application. We have a large inventory of ceramics and plastics material on hand.

Standard Stock - TPI inventories stock Macor rods, bars, sheets, discs and Alumina substrates available to purchase online.

Fabrication - We are capable of machining extremely intricate designs while holding tolerances up to +.0000"/-.0005". TPI also provides laser machining services. We can produce prototypes as well as full production orders.

File Extension- If you would like to send us a drawing to quote, we have the capability to read most CAD formats. If you do not see the file extension you would like to send please contact us. The file type extensions we prefer are: .stp, .sldprt, .dxf or .pdf

Inspection - We are committed to providing our customers with quality parts and services.

Shipped- Items are handled with care until in your hands from packaging, label, and tracking.